Energy Services

Energy Psychology

Over 5000 years ago, Eastern Chinese medicine discovered the body’s energy system. This complex network of energy circuits regulates the body’s nervous system. When our meridians become blocked or stagnant, physical and emotional symptoms develop. 

The mind and its content of emotions profoundly interacts with the body’s nervous system to produce emotional and physical systems.

Access Bars, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Reiki are simple and gentle methods to rebalance the body’s energy systems. 

Sessions are typically 1 hr to 1.5 hrs, depending on client’s needs. Distant sessions are available.

Our Practioners

Susan McKellar

Energy Practioner

Rev. Carol Surbey

Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist, NLP Practioner, Energy Coach / Healer, Celebrant Spiritualist Minister, B.Msc.

Imani Miller

Certified trauma and spiritual counselor with a degree in Psychology and Teaching.

Energy Service Prices

Energy Services: Susan
1 Hour Session $90
Package of 5 5% off
Package of 10 10% off
Package of 20 20% off